mechanical service


At Bermuda Motors, we take pride in our After Sales service. Our qualified professional staff are dedicated to providing the best customer service on the Island.

Our skilled team of mechanics are second to none when it comes to  expertise and experience. Armed with the latest in diagnostic equipment, no one is better equipped to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Regular servicing is essential to the life and efficiency or your car, so we offer affordable Fixed Price Servicing on Kia, Ford and Toyota cars.  We can also service any brand of car sold in Bermuda.  We stock genuine manufacturers' parts for all the cars we sell and through our extensive network of suppliers, we can quickly import any special or out-of-stock items. 


Our new rates on most vehicles:

Minor Service$225

Major Service $375


Call: 292-0893, ext 351, 352, 320

After Sales Manager

 Andrew Rance