toyota land cruiser


The LandCruiser looks the goods and is easy to live with. The ultimate workhorse, it's got the power to take charge of the most demanding conditions and even with a full one-ton load, this pick-up will go wherever you take it. 

The Land Cruiser Single Cab is reliable through and through. Its all-welded integral cabin provides extra strength and safety, which reduces dust/water entry and corrosion that could result from deep water driving. The heavy-duty frame, suspension and drivetrain ensure it can carry the heaviest of loads, both on and off-road. This is aided by the super long wheelbase of 3180 mm. Front fog lamps, alloy wheels and chrome finishes on the grille and door handles make the Land Cruiser not only practical but adds an edgy style to it as well.

Of course it doesn't compromise on safety. The steering wheel is collapsible, should something nasty come your way. You're protected by a tough steel body while underneath a full steel chassis also makes for a strong, stable platform.

A world class Anti-skid Braking System  makes use of a combination of a hydraulic actuator and modern electronics in order to monitor the wheels during emergency braking. If the system detects that the wheels are beginning to lock, ABS automatically adjusts braking pressure to ease up the wheels and free the lock up. This helps assist the driver stay in control of the vehicle during hard braking or an emergency stop. You can always rely on Toyota's safety technology to help you out when you need it most.

The interior is not only practical, it’s built to be comfortable for the driver and passenger no matter where their work takes them. Standard features include air conditioning, front bottle holders to keep your drinks spill-free, and an MP3 compatible  CD player with AM/FM radio , and USB audio input for iPods as well as Bluetooth capabilities. 


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